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I'm Committed to Stopping the Radical Left from Hijacking Our State!


In the 2022 General Election, we barely won CD1 with only a 3k vote margin difference. In 2024, we need the Party prepared to dominate turnout in the General election so there's no question, this is a solid red district.


CD1 Can Save the State.

The key to taking back Arizona is flipping LD2 and 4 RED and putting the left on defense in LD5.




To win, we need to start now. Here's my plan:

  • Secure the resources and tools to empower every precinct committeeman and grassroots volunteer to flip their neighborhoods solid red

  • Go on offense because the Democrats crumble when they have to defend their terrible ideas

  • Secure our elections while driving out the vote to fortify our legislative districts during the voting period so the pro-tyrany caucus can't weaponize poor election operations against our candidates 

  • Recruit, engage, and mobilize every possible voter to go beyond voting with a 365-day-a-year ACTION strategy

About Merissa

  • Co-Founder of - One of the Largest AZ Grassroots Groups registering over 3500 voters on the Legislature's Request to Speak System

  • Ran for Phoenix Mayor in 2020 to stop Kate Gallego from defunding our Phoenix Police & later killed the vax mandates against targeting public employees. Secured the highest number of votes for a non-incumbent in city history

  • Drove election integrity since 2018 as a whistleblower with several changed laws, an indictment of voter fraud secured, and Katie Hobbs' Election Procedures Manual killed thanks to grassroots action

  • Drove public comment on redistricting to keep the Legislature red & give us a majority in Congress to fire Pelosi

  • Organized support to flip the House Rules to give Congress back to the people with a national grassroots coalition effort

  • Helped elect a grassroots Senate President with Warren Petersen now leading the way in AZ

  • Helped secure parental rights with the support of Senator Kelly Townsend driving accountability in DCS

  • Rescued and supported moms and their babies in crisis pregnancies and domestic violence for a decade

Every Person is Essential.

Proudly endorsed by Senate President Warren Petersen and

Rep. Alex Kolodin


We've beaten the radical left on policy time and time again because their ideas don't work. Now it's time to beat them at the ballot box and flip CD1 solid red. Let's register more voters and win!

My commitment is to REPRESENT your voice at the AZ GOP. I would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to reach out to me at

Thank you so much for all of your efforts to keep AZ free!


Meet Merissa

Entrepreneur | Thought Leader |

Community Driven

With a strong commitment to helping her community, Merissa's work for over a decade has focused on helping girls in crisis pregnancies, women and their children flee from domestic violence, and those experiencing homelessness find permanency.


Merissa's professional experience includes 20 years in the supply chain with a focus on developing master data management, data integrity, chain of custody and traceability standards. Merissa also has national experience leading and conducting data integrity and supply chain audits.

Save Vulnerable Children

In 1997, the American Safe Families Act weaponized a poverty industry against families and children in America. By creating financial incentives to tear families apart, States shifted their child welfare programs to aggressively target poverty as neglect. The result is an Industry “mechanized” to profit from broken families.


Read the report.


Over 30 years ago, then-presidential candidate George H.W. Bush stood onstage at the Republican National Convention and infamously promised, “Read my lips, no new taxes.”  That promise may have won him the election, but it was also his undoing as he would later sign a budget reconciliation bill that included tax increases.


Read the Op-Ed.

My Organizations

Empowering every individual to create stronger communities together.

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